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Knight World Realty (M) Sdn Bhd is build up by a team of young entrepreneurs who have a singular drive that gets us where we are going. Unlike any other agencies, Knight World Realty (M) Sdn Bhd is a platform awaiting the right candidates to show. We are opening doors seeking for collaborations with anyone, just anyone that is hungry and tough, fighting alone, or coming along in a team, who seeks for opportunities in their career pathway. We work as a partnership system. Our mission, is to get connected with visionaries all who act boldly and leave their unique imprint on the real estate landscape of our world.
Founder Speech

''We are born sell. Breaking through ourselves each time is the motivation to urge and keep ourselves moving further. We create values in ourselves to bring the team and organization into another level of platform. The toughest throughout the entire real estate line  isn't about keeping the momentum but to stay confident and hold tight to our goal even when our energy is drained out. We believes, with the passion and patience we continue to showers in this industry, there will be more young professionals being brought up, providing the best , trustworthy service in town. Hope the values we continue to seeds in the team will bring MIEA community shine even brighter. ''
Our Track Record

Our Fun + Versatile
Our work culture and the environment have always advocated discipline, efficiency, and productivity in the workplace, and it can be hard to believe that having fun at work can contribute to an organization’s advocacies. Activities, whether formal or informal, done, and designed to encourage fun in the workplace are an inexpensive way to reap the below benefits.

A Better Work Environment
= Enhance Productivity and Increased Learning

Recruitment and Retention
= Attracting the younger group energy & forces

Positive Customer Experience
= Enhance Productivity and Increased Learning
We spend on average eight hours a day at work. That translates to roughly 2,080 hours per year. This means we spend about a quarter of our life each year at work. With another quarter spent sleeping and a third-quarter keeping our households running, this leaves only 25 percent for fun and relaxation.

It's no wonder we run around stressed all the time, feeling as if there's no time to do the things we want to do. Having happy, less-stressed employees can be a huge benefit to employers resulting in frequency in returning to the office, getting connected with the other teammates, and higher employee retention.

8 years of Sail


Team up in 4 dealing with our very first industrial projects in puchong. Set up a real estate office in Cheras South with 1000sf usable area.


With the trust given by a developer which we were still collaborating now, and whom we became a close business associate, we were given an opportunity to handle a highrise residential developement. So the fantastic 4 now has increased to 15 negotiators in a team.


The year we strengthen our team by doing lots of marketing activities and co-current running a few sites.


This is when we were facing management issue at this point of time where other agencies are making bundles of penny, while were were still struggling setting up the management structure.


Set up a google style office at a centralized location to encourage agents to be back to the office more frequent.


Knight World Realty (M) Sdn Bhd is born.


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